What we do

  • We help individuals achieve their full potential in the workplace and in their daily lives through up-to-date training materials and techniques.
  • We offer training programs that are created by professionals for professionals.
  • We use case samples that are relatable and useful for everyday activities in the work place and daily lives.
  • We provide a learning environment that is engaging, interactive and fun.
  • We follow through with our partners to ensure that we achieve the benefits of the training programs – we take feedback seriously.

How we do it

A tailored training experience designed for optimum learning absorption

When you take people off their day job to learn, it’s vital that they receive training that is practical and relevant to them.

Our sessions have a balance of 20% theory, with 80% activities. Just as importantly, we’ll ensure the experience is tailored to your workplace and their roles.

We always ensure the learning is built around their roles and your goals.

Would you prefer tailored or customized?

Tailored is our standard: We adapt the terminology, activities and positioning of the day to be relevant to your needs. This is our standard approach and is built into your quoted price. It happens as a simple conversational process during the pre-delivery period.

Customized: Sometimes, a course needs to be written specifically for your needs. Our instructional designers can create material built specifically around your needs. We can usually minimize development time by leveraging our extensive curriculum, so we avoid the time and cost of recreating the wheel.

When we are creating courses for custom system roll outs or organizational re-design, we can work with you from process mapping through to complete custom creation, hand-over, train the trainer or training delivery.

Our Training Partners

Talk to us about your training needs.