Communicating With Influence And Impact

Communicating With Influence And Impact

Course Description

Communicating With Influence And Impact Course will teach you and your team techniques to influence others in various situations, such as selling new ideas, winning resources, and negotiating outcomes at work. Communication plays a crucial role in greatly influencing others to act in your favor. It has the power to motivate, transform feelings, and change another person’s mood through interactive scenarios, self-reflection, and a range of practice activities. You will also explore ways to influence and communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

A Critical Skills for Professionals and Executives

Communication with influence and impact has been a much sought-after and essential skill in the modern living, working, and commercial world. Those who can effectively persuade with power, as a result, influence with integrity, will find themselves socially adaptable. It will also let you be economically productive and financially profitable. This training seeks to equip the participants with the vital influencing elements that tap on the power of communication.

Communicate and Work with others effectively – regardless of your positional power

In this workshop, you will gain insights into the nature of influence and your persuasive style. You’ll acquire the know-how to build credibility with others – up and down the organization – so you can negotiate with greater success. Craft compelling messages that enable you to connect emotionally to your stakeholders. And overcome personal barriers to influencing others. Through interactive scenarios and various practice activities, you will explore ways to influence and communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

Communicating With Influence And Impact is the course that you need to empower your team to communicate better. This course is available as an in-house training program. We can fully customize the course to fit your organizational objectives.

Course Objectives

  • Identify opportunities to strengthen relationships through building trust between you and your colleagues
  • Understand who you are trying to influence and what may be driving them
  • Realize the relationship between credibility and influence
  • Apply 3 Influencing Tips to get Results without Direct Authority
  • Learn how Positive Persuasion Language can vastly improve your results immediately with little practice.
  • Apply influence strategies to gain commitment and foster collaboration
  • How to use patterns of influence language to secure buy-in for your proposals, products, ideas, and services
  • Key power phrases and words that influence your offering
  • Improve key communication skills involved in influencing and persuading your team members to strive towards common goals
  • Use the Right Words to trigger craving desire in other people
  • Deliver your interpersonal influence tactics with chosen questions
  • Structure your language strategies appropriately for negotiations by using the proper sentences and phrases to assert and deflect tactics

Course Modules

All our Communicating with Impact courses are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organizational requirements and existing skills set. A Communicating with Impact course includes:

  • Self-awareness – what is your communication style?
  • Understanding others’ communication styles
  • Selecting the right communication mode for maximum impact in different contexts
  • An understanding of when and how to switch style for maximum impact
  • Communicating empathy and putting yourself in others’ shoes
  • Emotional Intelligence and rapport building
  • Practical techniques for more confident communication

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