Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Course Description

The main objective of this Communication Skills training is to enhance your ability to communicate in the workplace. It teaches you how to engage and persuade during various situations. This training offers practical, effective tools to enable precise and effective communication. Regardless of whether it is a face-to-face interaction or an email exchange, the ability to connect with others is a crucial component of lasting success.

In today’s competitive business world, whether you are working in a vast corporation, a small/medium business, or even in a home-based firm – you should possess superior communication skills to be successful. The ability to communicate effectively does have a profound positive impact on your professional life.

You can learn and practice different types of communication skills to help you become an effective communicator. These skills work together, making it essential to practice communication skills in different contexts whenever possible.

This communications training course helps people communicate appropriately and clearly in all situations. It is also an excellent course for everyone as the benefits can positively affect every aspect of life. Learn to understand how you communicate, how others communicate and adjust to meet their needs. Discover how effective communication is greatly improved by understanding communication preferences and overcoming communication barriers.

This interpersonal communication course ensures your colleagues receive your message. It improves your workplace relationships in general.

Course Objectives

  • Gain insight into their personality type and communication preferences using our proprietary profiling tool
  • Learn to recognize other people’s personality types and communication preferences
  • Learn to adjust your communication approach based on need and situation
  • Understand barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to utilize tone effectively
  • Master the S.T.A.R. method for speaking on the spot
  • Learn to use body language appropriately
  • Learn to listen actively and effectively
  • Gain insight into asking open questions
  • Become a more effective communicator through the use and application of practical tools

Course Modules

Lesson 1 – Communication is key to success
  • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
  • Reflection
Lesson 2 – LDP – Communication Evolution Tool
  • Adjusting your style for a better approach:
  • Communicating when stressed
  • Reflection
Lesson 3 – Bridge the Gap to Communication Barriers
  • The Communication Process
  • Types of Barriers
  • Self-Awareness – Johari Window
  • Reflection
Lesson 4 – Beyond Verbal Communication
  • Understanding the Mehrabian Study
  • All About Body Language
  • Para-Verbal Communication Skills
  • The Power of Pitch
  • The Truth about Tone
  • The Strength of Speed
  • Reflection
Lesson 5 – Active Listening
  • 8 Common Barriers to Effective Listening and how to overcome them
  • Quadrant of cognitive/explanatory styles
  • Understanding Active Listening
  • Sending Good Signals to Others
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Reflection
Lesson 6 – Asking Good Questions
  • Open Questions
  • Closed Questions
  • Probing Questions
  • Reflection
Lesson 7 – Speaking Like a STAR
  • S = Situation
  • T = Task
  • A = Action
  • R = Result
  • Using “I” Messages
  • Active Constructive Response – ACR
  • Reflection
Lesson 8 – Reflections
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action

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