Consultative Sales Training

Consultative Sales Training

Course Description

Consultative Sales Training will provide you and your team with the skills to help you achieve and exceed sales targets.

An organization’s sales force is the frontier for revenue generation and growth. It is also imperative that your sales team is practical efficient and can find and close sales opportunities. This is where a strong sales force comes in. A consistently-performing sales force generates huge returns for the company. It is also important to create the person-to-person connection needed to acquire clients, deeply understand them, and keep them loyal. These require a comprehensive, up-to-date set of mindset and skills – confidence, professionalism, solid sales planning, presentation, and listening skills, and the ability to respond to tricky situations on the spot. How would you like these for your people?

One of the most common mistakes that ineffective salespersons make is selling something to a customer before knowing what the customer wants to purchase.

This approach often sets up a confrontational tug of war in which the sales rep keeps pushing products, and the customer keeps backing away. This is a recipe for disaster; at the very least, it is a prescription for a low closing rate. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Our Consultative Sales Skills Training is your ticket to consistently higher closing rates, higher margins, and long-term, very satisfied customers.

This dynamic consultative sales training is available now in Manila and throughout the Philippines. However, this course is only available for in-house training.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Understand the reasons people buy
  • Understand the sales cycle and the skills required for each stage
  • Know how to generate leads, qualify them and convert them into sales
  • Know how to build rapport and transition out of it
  • Use the right questions to discover needs
  • Know how to earn trust through listening
  • Understand the four Ps of presenting solutions – prioritize, personalize, prepare, practice
  • Know how to respond to and overcome objections
  • Recognize when to close the sale and apply different techniques to do so
  • Know how to plan to follow up activities
  • Know how to ask for referrals

Course Modules

Did you know… Today’s marketplace is highly competitive, and every organization is looking for a larger market share. In an economy where the customer is king, how do your sales representatives pitch the features and benefits of the products/services they sell? Providing sales training plays a vital role in helping sales representatives practice and hone their ability to close a deal. This Sales Training Course helps sharpen the skills of even experienced sales representatives, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand the business.

Lesson 1 – Where you fit in the Sales Cycle
  • Why people buy
  • The sales cycle
  • Your sales Profile
  • Reflection
Lesson 2 – Prospecting
  • Turning leads into sales
  • BANT – Qualifying Leads
  • Keys to successful prospecting
  • Your Prospecting Success
  • Reflection
Lesson 3 – Building Rapport
  • The Rapport Transition
  • Establishing Personal Rapport
  • Your Ability to Build Rapport
  • Reflection
Lesson 4 – Discovering Needs
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Earning Trust Through Listening
  • Your Ability to Discover Needs
  • Reflection
Lesson 5 – Presenting Solutions
  • The Four Ps of Preparation
  • Leveraging Your Solution
  • Your Ability to Present
  • Reflection
Lesson 6 – Overcoming Objections
  • Does Objection = Rejection?
  • Types of Objections
  • 4 Steps to Responding to Objections
  • Your Ability to Handle Objections
  • Reflection
Lesson 7 – Closing the Sale
  • Knowing When to Close
  • Types of Closes
  • Examples of asking for the sale
  • Your Ability to Close the Sale
  • Reflection
Lesson 8 – Servicing the Client
  • Acquisition vs. Retention
  • Asking for and Working with Referrals
  • Your Ability to Service, the Client
  • Reflection
Lesson 9 – Reflections
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action

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