Digital Literacy Workshop

Digital Literacy Workshop

Course Description

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with essential computer and internet skills to excel in the modern workplace. The course will cover fundamental computer usage, internet navigation, and will include crash courses on Canva designs and Microsoft Teams modules. Participants will gain the knowledge and practical skills required to effectively use these tools to enhance their productivity and collaboration within a professional setting.

Course Duration: 8 Modules (20 sessions)

Course Modules

Week 1-2: Computer Fundamentals

  • Session 1: Introduction to Hardware and Software
  • Session 2: Operating Systems and Basic Troubleshooting
  • Session 3: File Management and Organization
  • Session 4: Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Tips

Week 3-4: Internet Navigation and Safety

  • Session 5: Browsing the Web and Using Search Engines
  • Session 6: Email Communication and Netiquette
  • Session 7: Online Safety and Privacy
  • Session 8: Evaluating Online Information

Week 5-6: Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Session 9: Setting Up a Microsoft Teams Account
  • Session 10: Navigating Microsoft Teams Interface
  • Session 11: Creating and Managing Teams and Channels
  • Session 12: Chat and Video Conferencing with Microsoft Teams

Week 7: Crash Course in Canva Designs

  • Session 13: Introduction to Canva and Its Features
  • Session 14: Designing Professional Graphics and Documents
  • Session 15: Collaborative Designing with Canva
  • Session 16: Integrating Canva with Microsoft Teams

Week 8: Advanced Usage and Workplace Integration

  • Session 17: Customizing Microsoft Teams for Specific Tasks
  • Session 18: Integrating Microsoft Teams with Other Office 365 Apps
  • Session 19: Final Projects and Presentations
  • Session 20: Course Conclusion and Certification

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