Effective Meeting Management Workshop

Effective Meeting Management Workshop

Course Description

Effective Meeting Management workshop is a very practical training program for professionals looking to handle and coordinate effective business meetings.

If you are managing work, implementing new projects, accumulating, and evaluating results, then you will always be involved in meetings. Your opportunity in business depends on your skills to run successful, effective, and productive meetings.

But many times, we have experienced poorly managed meetings where the discussions go round in circles, and nothing result-oriented is accomplished. Do you want to discover how to administer a results- oriented meeting? Do you need to stop squandering time with an unfruitful meeting?

In this Effective Meeting Management Workshop offered by Advanced Learning Programs (ALPS), our focus is to train participants to effectively manage the business meetings.

This workshop highlights implementing the principles of coordinating business meetings. Adult learning methodology of learning is used in this program. It is facilitated with interactive exercises and powerful presentations. Participants are urged to be involved in role plays and real-time scenarios. Through active engagement, members are trained to apply their learnings learnt during this program. Customized training can be devised to meet the training expectations of an organization.

Course Objectives

  • Comprehend the key principles to productivity
  • Learn to function as a meeting facilitator
  • Learn Techniques on how to control a meeting
  • Determine when and how to intervene in a situation
  • Manage demanding behavior from co-workers
  • Critically review a meeting
  • Improve the effectiveness of business meetings
  • Learn to manage disruptions and the disruptors of meetings
  • Conduct team meeting
  • Plan and prepare for different kind of meetings
  • Identify the right participants for the set meetings
  • Create clear, specific, and concise meeting agendas
  • Set up a meeting time and venue for maximum effectiveness
  • Learn to integrate electronic options and technology for remote participants
  • Define and delegate meeting roles & responsibilities
  • Note effective meeting minutes for future reference and action plan

Course Modules

Lesson I – Setting Up Meetings
  • Choosing your format
  • Identifying who needs to attend
  • Establishing Meeting Roles
  • Deciding on the length
  • Creating Meeting Agenda
Lesson II – Facilitating Meetings
  • Establishing ground rules
  • Using visual aids
  • Meeting minutes
  • Getting your meeting moving
  • Closing meetings
Lesson III – Meeting Pitfalls
  • How to handle off tracking
  • Conflicts in meetings
  • Managing difficult personalities
Lesson IV – Attending Meetings
  • Deciding to attend the meeting
  • Suggesting improvements
  • Being heard
Lesson V – Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Challenges of Virtual Meetings
  • Preparing for Virtual Meetings
  • Making Virtual Meetings Work

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