Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management

Course Description

The Effective Project Management Training Course is designed to provide the participants the structured approach to managing projects by providing the key concepts, different methodologies and frameworks, stakeholder management, communication plan, risk management, and change management.

This two-day workshop based training will use presentation, discussions, and activities which include individual and group exercises.

Course Objectives

  • Define Program and Project Management Key Concepts
  • Define Project Management Methodologies
  • Define Key Domains : People, Process, Business
  • Review the Project Plan and Project Schedule
  • Determine Scope and Project Estimation
  • Create a Risk Management Plan
  • Manage Change within the Project
  • Communicate with Project Stakeholders
  • Determine Project Artifacts
  • Keep the Team on Track
  • Manage Compliance, Organization and Business Change
  • Plan and Manage Project Closure

Course Modules

Module 1 – Project Management Key Concepts
  • Difference between Program and Project
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Project Management Principles
Module 2 – Project Management Methodologies
  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Hybrid
Module 3 – Project Management Domains
  • People
  • Process
  • Business
Module 4 – Project Plan
  • Elements of a Project Plan
  • Milestones and Tasks
  • Duration, Start, and End
  • Percentage Complete
  • Assigning Resources
  • Creating a Project Plan
Module 5 – Scope and Estimation
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Estimating Project Requirements
Module 6 – Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Register
  • Parts of a Risk Register
  • Managing Project Risks
Module 7 – Change Management Plan
  • Adapting to Change
  • Change Requests
  • Estimating Work for Change Requests
Module 8 – Stakeholders and Communications Management Plan
  • Defining Stakeholders
  • Determining Methods of Communications
  • RACI
  • Creating Stakeholders Management Plan
  • Creating Communications Management Plan
Module 9 – Project Artifacts
  • Define Artifacts Needed for the Project
  • Determine when Artifacts are Needed, Reviewed, and Approved
  • Share Artifacts with Stakeholders
Module 10 – Team Collaboration in Project Management
  • Lead and Support the Team
  • Mentor the Team
  • Team Collaboration
  • Manage Conflict
  • Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers
Module 11 – Managing Business Needs
  • Manage Compliance Requirements
  • Determine Project Benefits and Values
  • Evaluate and manage Business and Organizational Changes
Module 12 – Project Closure
  • Determine Project Closure Requirements
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Evaluate the Project and Provide Lessons Learned
  • Close the Project

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