Excel VBA and Macros Programming

Excel VBA and Macros Programming

Course Description

This course is designed for professionals who would like to start exploring the use of Excel VBA and Macros as a powerful tool in creating reports, forms, and dashboards.

The facilitator will start by explaining the programming basics to ensure the participants are aware of the terms being used, such as variables, constants, and operators. Then there will be a discussion on the Developer tab, which will concentrate on VBA, Macro Recorder, and using Relative references. An in-depth discussion on the basics of VBA Programming, VBA Conditional Statements, VBA Loops Statements, and Forms.

The course will then keep you engaged by providing a combination of lectures, course notes, take- away templates, quizzes, exercises, and even homework. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to add practical Excel focus to what you learn in the program.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Learn programming basics
  • Learn the use of Excel VBA, Macro Recorder, and Relative References
  • Introduce VBA Programming
  • Use Conditional and Loops Statements
  • Use the most useful VBA Objects
  • Able to use and code Excel VBA and Macros

Course Modules

To achieve these objectives, Advanced Learning Programs (ALPs) will use the below Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1 – Programming Basics

  • Variables and constants
  • Operators
  • Programming Logic

Lesson 2 – Introduction to VBA

  • Excel VBA
  • Macro Recorder
  • Absolute vs. Relative Reference

Lesson 3 – Basics of VBA Programming

  • VBA Environment
  • Excel VBA Variables
  • Range, Cells, Active Cells
  • VBA Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Introduction to Functions

Lesson 4 – VBA Conditional Statements

  • IF-Then-Else
  • Select Case Statement

Lesson 5 – VBA Loops Statements

  • Do While and Do Until Loop Statement
  • For Loop Statement

Lesson 6 – VBA Message Box and Input Box

  • Message Box
  • Input Box

Lesson 7 – Introduction to Forms

  • Introduction to Forms
  • Basic Objects – Forms, Buttons, Text Boxes, Combo Box
  • ActiveX Control

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