Heroes Team Building Program

Heroes Team Building Program

Course Description

Through a unique approach involving mind, body and self-awareness. Heroes Team Building Program will transform your workplace into an oasis of well being and increase productivity.
Heroes Program offers a revolutionary approach to personal development, combining elements of different worlds. From team building to energy movement, from leadership to peak-performance and flow state psychology, from mindfulness to storytelling. Activities are set in a unique way to open up a special doorway to a deeper level of mind where human transformation can happen 10 times faster and more effectively.

Among the objectives of Heroes Team Building Program is to peak experiences and getting the subjects familiar with their peak states of consciousness. Thus enabling them to gain access to those in ordinary life. In fact, longitudinal research among adults in general, as well as studies specific to athletes and managers have left little room for doubt to this day. Individuals who access these states more often in life, tend to be better performers in sports and work. They also come closer to a self-actualized and fulfilled life and are also more likely to make empathetic decisions.

In this exciting adventure, participants are going to enjoy a highly experiential journey. It’s program is unique from soundtracks to exercises and debriefs. Ultimately, it will also involve the mind-body connection and positively influence both the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Corporate Heroes don’t learn just theory: they take action. Most team building programs on the market only adds concepts and ideas to participants’ minds without prompting any actual change. A Corporate Hero goes beyond learning: he becomes AWARE and EMBODIES the change. Through a unique approach involving mind, body and self-awareness. Heroes Team Building Program will transform your workplace into an oasis of well being and productivity.

Course Objectives

  • Concepts and theory are only the foundation of this program. Participants are offered the Heroes Self-Assessment and worksheets for self-reflection and sharing, only to inspire action and personal change during and after the training
Be Aware
  • Heroes Team Building Program is a mindfulness-based program. Through guided visualizations and self-awareness exercises, participants go deeper: from knowledge to awareness. Things we know can be forgotten, but things we’re aware of are still with us.
  • Heroes Training is an action-based program, and any action is always performed through our body. Specific activities involving physical movement are designed to change old psycho-physiological patterns and reach higher well-being and performance levels.

Course Modules

Morning: Preparing for the adventure
  • The Hero’s Journey: a metaphor for self-development
  • Using the body to release stress
  • What is an emotion? How to deal with it
  • Sharing exercise: qualities, challenges, and vision for my Hero’s journey
  • Visualization exercise: deep goal setting
  • ‘Locus of Control’ and mindset reframe exercise: moving from victimhood to extreme ownership
Afternoon: Walking the pathg
  • The 4 Heroes Types Self-Assessment
  • Four stations of the Heroic life in theory and practice: Mindfulness applied to action, Healing relationships, Willpower, Vision and Leadership
  • Connecting deeply with others on the hero’s journey
  • Accessing a peak performance state
  • Changing physiology: high energy exercise
  • Building resilience through self-acceptance
  • The power of the subconscious mind: deep guided meditation
  • Understanding my true self

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