High Impact Management Course

High Impact Management Course

Course Description

What defines an “effective” manager? Skills like goal setting, time management, and financial reporting are apparent. However, the High Impact Management course will make you realize that they are not the only skills required by an effective management team. Staff retention, rates of employee turnover, and employee satisfaction are qualities that point to an effective management level.

Traditionally, middle managers make up the largest managerial layer in an organization. Equally, middle managers are responsible to those above them and those below them. They head a variety of departments and projects. For a company to operate smoothly, those in management must be committed to the organization’s goals. It is also necessary for them to effectively execute these goals.

All managers need a framework in which to operate. Managers need to know the most effective techniques for guiding teams while mentoring individuals and validating the results. Without reliable methods, managers will revert to using a one-size-fits-all approach to management. As a result, it may impact employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Furthermore, it will offer managers opportunities to develop key skills that can be practiced daily.

The course aims to develop efficient supervisory and management skills to help your organization thrive and grow. Thus, even in difficult economic times, it begins with the Highly Impact Management Course delivered by ALPs. For the most part, this course will provide you with a range of management skills and techniques that will allow you to cultivate and manage your staff more efficiently.

Course Objectives

  • Define ‘management’
  • Explain the Ethics & Social Responsibility of Management
  • Manage business information
  • Explore managerial decision making
  • Define control processes (what, why, how)
  • Master Organizational Strategy & how to create a sustainable, competitive advantage
  • Foster innovation & change in the workplace
  • Explore organizational design & structures
  • Leverage organizational strategies to facilitate change
  • Create structures & processes to manage teams
  • Gain insight into organizational motivation & leadership
  • Implement motivation & leadership strategies

Course Modules

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Management
  • What is Management?
  • What do Managers do?
  • What does it take to be a Manager?
  • Why does management matter?
Lesson 2 – Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • What is ethical workplace behavior?
  • What is unethical workplace behavior?
  • How to make ethical decisions
  • What is social responsibility?
Lesson 3 – Managing Information
  • Why information matters
  • The strategic importance of information
  • Characteristics and costs of useful Information
  • Getting and sharing Information
Lesson 4 – Decision-Making
  • What is rational decision-making?
  • Steps to rational decision-making
  • Limits to rational decision-making
  • Improving decision-making
Lesson 5 – Control
  • Basics of control
  • The control process
  • Is control necessary or possible?
  • How and what to control
  • Control methods
Lesson 6 – Organizational Strategy
  • Basics of Organizational Strategy
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strategy-making process
  • Corporate, industry, firm-level strategies
Lesson 7 – Innovation and Change
  • Organizational innovation
  • Why innovation matters
  • Managing innovation
  • Organizational change
  • Why change occurs and why it matters
  • Principles of Managing change
Lesson 8 – Organizational Structures and Process
  • Departmentalization
  • Organizational authority
  • Job design
  • Designing organizational process
Lesson 9 – Managing Teams
  • The good and the bad of using teams
  • Kinds of teams
  • Work team characteristics
  • Enhancing work team effectiveness
Lesson 10 – Motivation and Leadership
  • Basics of motivation
  • Equity theory
  • Expectancy theory
  • What is leadership?
  • Situational leadership
  • Strategic leadership

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