MS Project for Project Management Intermediate Level

MS Project for Project Management Intermediate Level

Course Description

MS Project is a powerful tool for scheduling, costing, and planning. This tool is being used by Project Managers, Project Management Specialists, and Project Coordinators to plan and track project deliverables. This course can be delivered into three parts – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

While learning the fundamentals of the MS Project, you will also be provided with a sample project that the participants will use to understand the concepts, just like setting up, planning, and tracking a project.

Advanced Learning Programs will introduce and explain PM concepts to appreciate how powerful MS Project can be as a project management tool.

This course aims to provide the participants with Project Management concepts and MS Project tools. It discusses the Dependencies, Work, Resources, Milestones, and Costs.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an understanding of dependencies and their impact to project planning.
  • To discuss work hours by explaining the difference between person-hours and machine hours.
  • To provide an in-depth discussion on identifying and assigning resources.
  • To explain the importance of milestones.
  • To provide an in-depth discussion on costs, cost types, cost resources, project costs, and budget costs

Course Modules

Lesson 1 – Dependencies
  • Predecessors
  • Successors
  • Relationships
Lesson 2 – Work
  • Definition Work hours
  • Entering Man-hours
  • Summary Task
Lesson 3 – Resources
  • Resource Sheet
  • Material Resources
  • Work Resource
  • Generic Resource
  • Changing Work Time of a Resource
  • Creating a Resource Calendar
  • Resource Availability
  • Assigning Work Resources
  • Task Usage
Lesson 4 – Milestones
  • Milestones Definition
  • Creating Milestones
Lesson 5 – Costs
  • Assigning Costs to Resources
  • Cost Rate Table
  • Cost Resources
  • Project Costs

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