Personal Effectiveness Mastery

Personal Effectiveness Mastery

Course Description

This course is designed to enhance personal effectiveness in the workplace by focusing on communication, task completion, and collaborative engagement within a team or office setting. Participants will develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively, understand the implications of their tasks on the team or office welfare, and contribute meaningfully to the achievement of organizational goals.

Course Modules

Module 1: Effective Communication Skills

Objective: Develop the ability to communicate and explain tasks and their implications to the team or office welfare.

  • Understanding the Importance of Clear Communication
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Strategies
  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Constructive Feedback and Critique

Module 2: Task Management and Completion

Objective: Acquire the skills to perform and complete assigned tasks while considering their impact on team or office dynamics.

  • Task Analysis and Prioritization
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Adapting to Change and Flexibility in Task Execution

Module 3: Tools and Processes for Task Monitoring

Objective: Learn to use available tools and processes to keep track of task status and ensure alignment with team or office requirements, objectives, and goals.

  • Introduction to Task Management Tools
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Strategies
  • Reporting and Documentation Best Practices

Module 4: Collaboration and Team Dynamics

Objective: Understand the importance of collaboration and how individual tasks contribute to overall team or office objectives.

  • Team Building and Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Fostering a Positive and Inclusive Work Environment
  • Recognizing and Appreciating Team Contributions

Module 5: Acceptance and Participation in Development Activities

Objective: Develop a proactive approach to personal development by accepting and participating in activities recommended by superiors, peers, or authorities.

  • Embracing Feedback and Constructive Criticism
  • Identifying Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • Building a Personal Development Plan
  • Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Case studies, practical exercises, and group projects will be utilized to assess participants’ understanding and application of the concepts learned throughout the course.

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