Privacy Policy

Data Privacy and Consent

In accordance with RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, all personal information gathered shall be kept CONFIDENTIAL and will only be accessed by ALPs’ team, trainers, and founders.

Disposal of Data

Data gathered will be deleted after training. You may message us and inquire about the current state of your data, or ask us to delete your data.

Privacy Policy

1. Training Participants
All information submitted and/or obtained at time of registration for training by or on behalf of course participant for training courses and any other source in connection with the provision of training courses.

2. Contract Trainers
Information submitted and/or obtained by a contract trainer on Advanced Learning Programs (ALPs) delivery of training courses and or professional services.

3. Website
Information submitted and/or obtained via website; Information obtained may be: Business Name, Full Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, Address Details


If you wish to access this information please email or phone (02) 7-902-0992.