Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management

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Course Description

The Effective Project Management course aims to guide Project Managers to lead the project team to deliver projects. It follows the latest and updated Project Management best practices and standards, including learning how to be a servant leader, collaborating with the project team and stakeholders, delivering projects with business value, and adapting to different methodologies available in managing projects.

This course is divided into two parts:
Part 1 will discuss the fundamental concepts of Project Management, which include the Definition of Terms, Knowledge Areas, and Process Groups. These key concepts will help the Project Managers understand their role in the organization and help businesses realize their mission, vision, and objectives.

Part 2 will focus more on the three Domains – People, Process, and Business. These domains will be significantly explained with different PM tasks and sub-topics by providing situational examples to help the project managers better handle their responsibilities in delivering projects to the organization.
The facilitator is a PMP® certified project manager with more than 20 years of Project Management experience.

Course Objectives

  • To review the different critical concepts in Project Management.
  • To provide an understanding of the different knowledge areas described in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®).
  • To revisit the different process groups used as milestones in project management.
  • To define the different PM methodologies and understand which ones to you in delivering projects.
  • To explore the different tasks assigned under the People Domain, including conflict management, leadership, collaboration, and addressing impediments.
  • To focus on the different activities in the Process Domain related to the ten knowledge areas of the PMBoK.
  • To explore the benefits and values as part of the Business Domain.
  • To understand the importance of compliance in Project Management.

Course Modules

PART 1 Project Management Key Concepts

  • Project
  • Project Management
  • Project Manager
  • Portfolio Vs Program
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Process Groups
  • Project Management Methodologies

Part 2 Domains

    • Managing Conflicts
    • Leading and Mentoring the Team
    • Empowering and Supporting the Team
    • Collaborating with the Team
    • Training the Team

    • Addressing Impediments

    • Defining Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Scope
    • Identifying and Managing Risks
    • Setting Up the Schedule
    • Setting Up Ground Rules and Communication with Project Team and Stakeholders
    • Handling and Resolving Issues
    • Negotiating Project Agreements and Determining Procurement Needs
    • Quality Deliverables
    • Planning and Managing Budget and Resources
    • Integrating Project Activities
    • Managing Changes
    • Managing Project Artifacts

    • Handling Project Closure

    • Defining Value and Benefits of the Project
    • Handling Regulatory and Compliance

    • Adapting to Organizational and Business Changes


Date And Time

April 25, 2023 to
April 28, 2023

Registration End Date

April 24, 2023




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