Oral Communication Skills Training

Oral Communication Skills Training

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Course Description

Oral Communication Skills Training helps you improve the skills you already have and develop those you don’t to ensure adequate oral communication. The purpose of the training covers speaking and presentational skills. You should be able to enhance how you communicate verbally by the end of the course. Oral Communication Skills Training focuses on the fundamental and required skills essential to oral communication. The delivery method of this training focuses on lectures and providing you with meaningful exercises that you can use in your workplace.

Training Format

Advanced Learning Programs is known for ensuring we provide not just lectures but provide hands-on training. The majority of the class provides practical exercises and group activities. You will learn various skills through adequate activities, role-playings, and workshops.

Why Do You Need Oral Communication Training?

Oral communication skills are vital to success in any field. This training will enable you to develop and improve your skills in a practical, exciting, and stress-free learning environment. They are having fun while learning is guaranteed!

Oral communication is communicating with spoken words. It’s a verbal form of communication where you express your thoughts, present ideas, and share information. Examples of oral communication are conversations with friends, family, or colleagues, presentations, and speeches.

Oral communication helps to build trust and reliability. The oral communication process is more effective than email or text. For essential and sensitive conversations—such as salary negotiations and even conflict resolution, you can rely on oral communication to get your point across, avoid misunderstandings and minimize confusion.


Oral Communication Skills Training is a 2-day course designed for all the professionals working in the federal and private sectors interested in improving their overall communication skills such as public speaking, one-on-one communication, and communicating vigorously and persuasively.


Date And Time

December 27, 2023 to
December 29, 2023

Registration End Date

December 26, 2023




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