Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Course Description

The main goal of the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) course is to develop purchasing staff in charge of outsourcing and vendor selection to ensure the proper selection process is in place while building a relationship with potential key stakeholders.

This course is designed to help practitioners identify the most important suppliers, unlock their value, and reduce risk from these.

This SRM training course will help you secure more excellent value, performance, effectiveness, innovation, and security of supply and reduce supply chain risk. It will enable you to identify suppliers and why they are important and equip those who attend with the tools and approaches to determine and effect the right interventions with suitable suppliers.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Segment a supply base and identify important and strategic suppliers
  • Describe and apply different approaches and interventions for important and strategic suppliers
  • Apply a series of approaches to manage an important supplier better
  • Manage relationships with key suppliers across the entire business
  • Drive compliance and manage a supplier against the contract
  • Put in place a supplier performance measurement system and develop KPIs
  • Drive and manage supplier improvements
  • Conduct supplier review meetings
  • Describe supply chain management principles and key approaches
  • Manage a strategic relationship
  • Develop joint working approaches for strategic relationships to collaborate on key initiatives
  • Put in place arrangements to secure innovation from the supply base
  • Identify how a strategic supplier can help drive business growth or create a competitive advantage

Course Modules

Lesson 1 – Introduction to SRM and segmenting the supply base
  • The buyer/supplier relationship Introduction to SRM
  • Why we need an approach for key suppliers and the value possible from a well-managed relationship
  • Supplier segmentation and what makes some suppliers important or strategic
Lesson 2 – Measuring the supplier and driving improvement
  • The seller’s perspective and agenda
  • Supplier Performance Measurement and developing KPIs
  • The STPDR process for driving supplier improvements
Lesson 3 – Managing the supplier
  • Contract management
  • Managing relationships with suppliers (business-wide) and supplier interface mapping
Lesson 4 – Dealing with dispute and conflict resolution
  • Dealing with dispute and conflict resolution
  • Supply chain management and supply chain mapping
Lesson 5 – Strategic collaborative relationships
  • Strategic relationships and how to manage them
  • Creating joint working and collaboration
Lesson 6 – Securing innovation and developing an SRM strategy
  • Securing innovation from the supply base
  • Developing an SRM strategy
  • Governance for SRM

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