Team Building Activity Terrarium of Happiness

Team Building Activity Terrarium of Happiness

Course Description


Learn to look within and find the magic at the moment. In this hands-on activity, you’ll create figurines and miniature landscapes representing your ideal of happiness. No green thumbs are required!

“If the group is an art form of the future, then convening groups is the artistry we must cultivate to fully explore the promise of this form.” — Centered on the Edge, 2001, Fetzer Institute

We live in a global society that uses teams to create wealth, market share, customer service, competitive advantage, and other markers of organizational success. Teams provide the social “glue” in organizations that meld together people, processes, and technologies to produce services or products. Organizations cannot function without teams; however, teams must be adequately designed to fit organizational cultures and vice-versa.

Organizations need teams to produce innovative products, just as artists need the tools of their work. There may be a science to orchestrating team collaboration, but they’re also is an art. Artists often cannot predict the outcomes of their creative endeavors any more than managers can predict outcomes for their team challenges. Management “science” is necessary and contributes practical theories for teams to work better together. However, a more balanced approach might blend science with art and magnify team effectiveness.

If you’re looking to take your team members’ creativity to the next level in creating their unique art pieces, then this team-building activity is the right one for you!

Course Objectives

Using the Terrarium Of Happiness, your team could have a chance to develop the following skills and character:

  • Teamwork Culture
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Bonding through Shared Fun Experiences
  • Performance Excellence
  • Understanding Each Other & Team Dynamics
  • Positive Team Climate

Course Modules

  • The activity is conducted indoors
  • 2 – 1000 Participants
  • Max Duration: 3.5 Hours (half-day)

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